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Orange County based tax lawyer David C. Dodge specializes in federal and California tax controversies serving all of California with most clients located in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Diego County, and Ventura County. As a lawyer and certified public accountant with over 30 years of experience, he knows what to do and when, to accomplish resolution of your tax problem for the best result at the least cost.  He provides legal tax controversies representation most often for audits, appeals, offer in compromise, tax collection defense, litigation in federal and California courts, and bankruptcy.  His typical clients are individuals personally or business sole proprietorship, and small to medium business entities like corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies.  His accounting and certified public accountant background provides an advantage over other tax lawyers because he has additional skills of forensic accounting when financial evidence is often inadequate, missing, or lost.

If IRS or any California taxing agency has contacted you, then you are a target for audit liability or involuntary seizure collection of your income and assets. You need an experienced tax lawyer to do all your talking for you, compile and file necessary papers for you, argue your case for you, and create a truthful case record regarding the conduct and statements made by government auditors and collectors. You should never directly communicate with IRS or any California taxing agency.

The biggest mistake you can make is to talk or letter correspond directly with IRS and/or California taxing agencies, thinking that if you answer all questions and provide all requested documents, somehow the government will give you a break and charge you less or no tax liability or provide you collection relief. Based on years of experience, David C. Dodge knows that if you represent yourself, the outcome is usually much worse than you had hoped for. Government auditors and collectors are well trained to get you to talk way too much and to provide way too much and inappropriate evidence, often by improper threats and intimidation, which usually results in loss of your tax dispute or a bad outcome potentially as bad as a criminal tax allegation against you.  Your best decision is to hire David C. Dodge to represent you and/or your business, and let him do all your talking for you, to write and file all your papers for you, and to provide government auditors and collectors only the proper relevant evidence combined with his arguments to advocate your best interests.

Get Focused Legal Tax Representation From A Licensed Lawyer And Certified Public Accountant That Only Advocates Tax Controversies.

David C. Dodge focuses his law practice on federal and California tax controversy cases, administrative, criminal, and litigation. Unlike other tax lawyers that also do tax return preparation, non-tax law work like business law, estate planning, drafting contracts, he has no such distractions. Unlike other tax lawyers which are also certified public accountants {few but there are some} that do tax return compilation work and tax lawyer representation work, he never does tax return preparation.   He advises against hiring any lawyer that does both tax return preparation and tax controversies representation because of loss of attorney-client privileges of nondisclosure to the government, and conflicts of interest.  Also, lawyers that prepare tax returns for clients cannot later represent their clients in United States Tax Court to challenge IRS audit opinions due to conflicts of interest.   There is no doubt it is best to hire a tax lawyer and CPA like David C. Dodge who never prepares tax returns, does not engage in other distraction non-tax law matters, and handles only federal and California tax controversies.

Typical Client Testimonial.

“David Dodge is the best IRS defense attorney there is. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. He fought for my rights aggressively and relentlessly, with excellent results. David is very busy, but nonetheless he worked my case as if it were his only case and never once dropped the ball despite all that IRS kept throwing at us. He explained all my options in clear, concise terms, always followed up on everything and kept me up to date on the progress of my case. I highly recommend him!” Bruno S.