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IRS Offer In Compromise Acceptance Letter

This is what an IRS offer in compromise acceptance letter looks like.

Internal Revenue Service
IRS Office of Appeals
701 B Street, Ste. 900
San Diego, CA 92101-8180
Date: FEB 24, 2015

Department of the Treasury
Person to Contact:
   T. Paz
   Employee ID Number: 012345678
   Tel: 619-744-7000
   Fax: 619-557-6972
Refer Reply to:
In Re:
   Offer in Compromise
SSN/EIN Number:
Tax Period(s) Ended:
   03/2011 06/2011 09/2011 12/2011
   03/2012 06/2012 09/2012 12/2012
   03/2013 06/2013 09/2013 12/2013


We have accepted your offer in compromise signed and dated by you on February 3, 2014 and as amended by your offer as signed and dated by you on December 30, 2013. The date of acceptance is the date of this letter. Our acceptance is subject to the terms and conditions stated on the enclosed Form 656 Offer in Compromise.

Please note that the conditions of the offer require you to file and pay all required taxes for five years or until the offered amount is paid in full, whichever is longer. This will begin on the date of this letter. Additionally, please remember that the conditions of the offer include the provision that as additional consideration for the offer, we will retain any refunds or credits which you may be entitled to receive for 2015 for any overpayments you made toward tax year 2014 or toward earlier tax years. The Notice of Federal Tax Lien will be released when the payment terms of the offer agreement have been satisfied.

If you are required to make any payments under this agreement, make your check or money order payable to the United States Treasury and send it to:

                        IRS – OIC
                        PO Box 241015
                       Fresno, CA 93779

You must promptly notify the Internal Revenue Service of any change in your address. This will ensure we have the proper address to advise you of the status of your offer.

If you fail to meet any of the terms and conditions of the offer, the Internal Revenue Service will issue a notice to default the agreement. After issuance of the notice the Internal Revenue Service:

* May immediately file suit to collect the entire unpaid balance of the offer.

* May immediately file sue to collect an amount equal to the original amount of the tax
    liability as liquidating damages, minus any payments already received
    under the terms of this offer.

* May disregard the amount of the offer and apply all amounts already paid under the
    offer against the original amount of the tax liability.

* May file suit or levy to collect the original amount of the tax liability, without
    further notice of any kind.

* Will continue to add interest as required by section 6621 of the Internal Revenue Code on
    the amount the IRS determines is due after default. The IRS will add
    interest from the date of assessment until you completely satisfy the
    amount owed.

In order to comply with recent legislation, IRS may send you a computer-generated reminder notices of the total balance due, irrespective of the amount of your accepted offer. You do not need to respond to those notices. You only need to follow the instructions in this letter and meet the terms of your accepted offer.

Appeals will send your case for processing to Memphis, TN. If you have any questions in the future, you may contat IRS at (901) 546-4803.


                                                                                                     Mary Nicholas
                                                                                                     Appeals Team Manager

cc: David C. Dodge, Lawyer/CPA

    Copy of Form 656, Offer in Compromise